Are there additional costs?

Yes, there is one additional cost of $5-$30 which is to cover the cost of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) the Masternode must run on. J Squared DOES NOT PROFIT from this, the fee will be taken out at cost directly from the monthly payout for ease of the process

Support Included?

Please email ALL support related inquires to support@jsquared.io our support staff will answer back within a timely manner

What about Refunds?

J Squared DOES NOT offer refunds, please understand ALL the risks of cryptocurrency investing BEFORE investing. Contracts will be signed with such information.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Yes, you have full control over if you want to sell off your account or change plans at anytime (within contract)

Can I view my Portoflio?

Yes, we have full transparency which allows you to see your linked portfolio in real time, all your holdings through the Blockchain itself

When do I receive my Profits?

We will send you a check in the mail bi-weekly or monthly in your countries corresponding currency, or in the form of cryptocurrency

How much does a Masternode cost?

Every Masternode is different, there are Masternodes at all cost, ranging from just over $100 to $500,000+

If a Masternode cost ~$5,000 how much do I send?

We ask that you send $1,500 on top of the current approximate estimate of the Masternode. This is in order to cover for exchange rates and transaction fees. Please understand in order to purchase the full amount of coins for the node, the cost may be slightly more than the posted cost. This is because only a certain amount of coins may be for sale at that certain price, causing us to buy the higher priced coins in the sell order book.

Let’s go through an example:

In order to get Masternode X, 5000 coins must be obtained first.

The posted price is $1 per coin. Masternode X costs $5,000

When we go to purchase the coins we see that only 200 coins are being sold at $1, and there are 4000 coins being sold at $1.20 and the remaining 800 coins must be purchased at $1.50




The total purchasing price is: $6,200

How long after I send my funds can I expect for my Masternode to be up and running?

We run on a “first come first serve” basis. When the funds are received you are added on a queue. You can expect your node to be up and running within 1-10 days of that time. Note there may be a caution factor(s) on a specific Masternode causing the set up time to increase which includes but are not limited to: Market liquidity, price fluctuation, transaction speed, transaction fees, queue list, specifications of each Masternodes set up (No 2 Masternodes set-ups are the same). J Squared keeps their clients in tune with constant updates about any changes

How do I open an Account?

Please send an email to support@jsquared.io specifying what type of account (Investing, Mining, and/or Masternodes) and any details regarding your account. An email will be sent with the specific process and and proper documentation

Can I sell my Masternode at any time?


Can I transfer my Masternode ownership to someone else?

Yes a Masternode can be given to another person with NO CHARGE

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Let our support team handle it

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How does a Mining earn me coins?

Bitcoin mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as the block chain, and also the means through which new bitcoin are released.  When a transaction is sent, there are confirmations needed before the transaction is complete, the miners job is to mine those transactions into a block which then is granted a reward (miners fee)  in addition to a “block” reward, which started out at 50 bitcoins and halves after every 210,000 blocks (about once every 4 years). The block reward will eventually get so small that it will be minuscule compared to miners’s fees.

How do Masternodes earn me money?

Masternodes are a type of node that offers various services to the network and are paid by the network for such functions. Masternodes differ from ordinary nodes in a few important ways.  Masternodes get compensated by sharing the block reward because they provide special services to the network. These services differ with each node.

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