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*Minimum Initial Investment of $100,000*

Take investing to the next level!  Here at J Squared, we don’t let your money just sit in one long term investment; we are constantly making low risk, profitable trades while increasing those long term holdings. There are money making opportunities all over, which our trading specialists are on top of. Cryptocurrency has presented all of us with an opportunity to make life changing money, don’t miss out

  • Proven Track Record

    Over the last several months, we managed over 20 accounts that were on pace to make over 1,000% ROI on the year

  • Viewable Portfolio

    View your personal portfolio breakdown in real time to watch and track your ROI daily

  • Constant Updates

    Never miss out on the latest market news and updates again

  • Vigilant Management

    No need to stress over the volatility of the Crypto market, as we are constantly monitoring the market

  • Research and Investment Analysis

    When we’re not trading,we are researching the next big coin